Friday, June 5, 2015


"Not that Watt desired information, for he did not.  But he desired words to be applied to his situation, to Mr. Knott, to the house, to the grounds, to his duties, to the stairs, to his bedroom, to the kitchen, and in a general way to the conditions of being in which he found himself.  For Watt now found himself in the midst of things which, which if they consented to be named, did so as it were with reluctance... Looking at a pot, for example, or thinking of a pot, at one of Mr. Knott's pots, it was in vain that Watt said, Pot, pot...It resembled a pot, it was almost a pot, but it was not a pot of which one could say Pot, pot, and be comforted."

Watt, Samuel Beckett, Grove Press, 1970, with Missy.