Monday, February 15, 2016


In the fading light of a winter's afternoon this little guy was feeding atop his midden, ignoring me as I snowshoed by.
John Muir understood the Eastern red squirrel to be closely allied with his beloved Douglas squirrel, who he said, "Nature has made a master forester...committing most of her conifer crops to his paws...probably over 50% of all the cones ripened on the Sierra are cut off and handled by the Douglas alone...he is the squirrel of squirrels...undiseased as a sunbeam...getting into the most impossible situations without a sense of danger...he is without exception the wildest animal I ever saw. "
"I cannot begin to tell how much he has cheered my lonely wanderings during all the years I have been pursuing my studies in these glorious wilds; or how much unmistakable humanity I have found in him."

(Quotes from "The Wilderness World of John Muir,"ed., Edwin Way Teale, Mariner Books, 2001.)

Sunday, February 14, 2016


The people who live here keep a tiny library they call a Generosity Zone.  It sits atop a post that's located, as is their attractive house, only feet away from a busy road heavy with traffic.  Library visitors can read a notice that says, "We love the idea of sharing books with each other; giving and returning books."
However, drivers are too concerned about negotiating the downhill curves ahead to notice what's being offered, and there isn't very much foot traffic either.  So the tiny library rarely has any patrons, but continues to stand in the Maine winter for an admirable belief.